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Welcome :-)

Contact and Teaching Information:

  I am faculty in the UAB Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. :-)

   EEC 265A

Office Hours:
   via Zoom or in person, by appointment. email to arrange a time.

   jmars @ uab . NO_SPAM . edu    (remove the NO_SPAM)

   personal Zoom channel: 665 914 7935

For teaching schedule, please see the department's website, or search for " UAB Course Schedule."

Course material may be accessed via UAB's Canvas website


Accreditation, Ph.D. and P.E.:

  ABET accreditation

Ph.D., P.E. - Credentialism for both Academia and Professional work

Ph.D. Degree

P.E. - Professional Engineer registration


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  UAB - The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Updated: April 29, 2022